“I was suffering from Herpeszoster (a type of infectious rash) on my chest, back and upper stomach for over three weeks. The pain was so overwhelming that I spent the majority of my days in bed. After taking some medicine, the rashes began to settle slightly, but the severe pain still lasted. Amazingly, just after my 1st acupuncture session with Dr. Ding, the pain was so much relieved that I even had a very sound sleep that night, something I had not had for days. The following week, the pain became much less frequent, and I am now almost back to my normal daily routine again. I am extremely grateful to receive such caring treatment from an able and competent practitioner, Dr Ding. She proved to me the healing strengths of acupuncture, which I now trust immensely. Thank you so much for helping me recover so quickly, Dr Ding! ”

- Sue, Kenilworth

“About 6 months after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2009, I started treatment with Dr Zhaolin Ding. At the time I really was in a bad way and felt the NHS had little to offer me. Nearly two years later, Zhaolin is an integral part of my disease management strategy. I cannot speak highly enough of her or the positive effects of the treatment she provides. She also works closely with my Neuro-Physio in keeping me mobile. As well as being highly skilled, Zhaolin is also very kind and considerate and helps make the quality of my life better.”

- Tom, Leamington Spa

“Zhaolin has been treating me for 5 months. I came to her with the symptoms of gout in my toes and extensive eczema on hips, legs arms and back. Within a month my symptoms were improving as was my general health. I am now almost completely free of all symptoms. Dr.Ding's assistance has been consistently attentive and courteous and I am extremely grateful to her for an enormous improvement in my health.”

- Peter, Leamington Spa

“I feel very relaxed, a little sleepy during acupuncture treatment. My knee is less swollen than before and very little pain. Even after three days of working and standing for eight hours with one hour break.”

- Lynne, Warwick

“I have the need to consult with acupuncture practitioners in the last few years for an ongoing pain condition the result of a spinal stroke. On meeting Zhaolin I was impressed immediately with her professional yet friendly manner and after an in depth interview about my condition she outlined what she thought I would benefit from, we agreed on this treatment. I can honestly say bearing in mind I was used to receiving acupuncture that this was a completely different experience. I found Zhaolin's treatment is the most uplifting and effective, her thorough but gentle caring manner keeps you relaxed through out your treatment. She also keeps you informed of every aspect of your treatment through out. I have to thank Zhaolin for she has enabled me to achieve new levels of energy, enabling me to enjoy life much more. Many thanks Zhaolin.”

- Brian, Rugby

“I am currently having acupuncture with Zhaolin for allergies - mainly hay fever. As part of the treatment I am also taking Chinese medicine to strengthen my immune system. T he treatment has been very positive for me, these has been a real improvement with my symptoms. My nose is less runny and the blocked nose is much less severe. I do not get itchy eyes anymore. My general energy level and wellbeing has improved. Zhaolin is very patient & caring, she is very passionate about acupuncture and her positive attitude is a real asset. I look forward to acupuncture because it helps with everyday stresses and leaves you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. It has also helped to improve my sleep.”

- Lynne, Coventry

“I have had two courses of treatment from Dr Ding and would throughly recommend her as very competent practitioner who is able to draw on her wide experience of Chinese medicine. She treated me for pain on arms and wrists, showing responsiveness and persistence in successfully treating this long term problem. I subsequently sought Dr Ding's help for problems of low energy and sleep problems. Her very competent appoach was effective in overcoming both problems dramatically. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Ding.”

- Susan, Harbury

“I came to this cenre for acupuncture treatment to relieve the arthritis in my right knee. The ache was inhibiting my walking and limiting my quality of life. Immediately after the first session on 7th November I felt free of my usual knee ache and could walk straight. I have had two more sessions with Dr Ding and the relief of knee pain has given me more confidence to go out and enjoy life. I have felt very happy to be treated by such a well qualified, experienced and caring practitioner. I will return for more treatment if necessary.”

- Margaret, Leamington Spa

“I have had 12 sessions of acupuncture with Dr Zhaolin Ding. I have found the treatment very helpful and have had genuine relief and improvement in my condition as a result. Dr Ding is very conscientious and careful. I would have no hesitation in recommending acupuncture treatment with Dr Ding.”

- John, Shipston on Stour

“Dr Ding has helped significantly with neuralgia. I was taking 3 tablets a day to manage the pain, after 7 appointments I am pain free and have not taken a single tablet in over 2 weeks .Amazing after the first couple of appointments I already felt my pain easing and had started to reduce my dosage.I am so very pleased and indebted to Dr Ding from the bottom of my heart if I may say.”

- Moira, Leamington Spa