After over 20 years practising Traditional Chinese Medicine, I have gradually gained more experience in relieving symptoms or improving the quality of life for clients suffering from following diseases and conditions. (Please refer to pages of Testimonials and Conditions that respond to Acupuncture, or contact me for details)

1. Neurological problems

Migraine & Headache, TN (Trigeminal Neuralgia), MS (Multiple Sclerosis), sciatica, stroke recovery, facial paralysis, etc.

2. Musculoskeletal disorders

Lower back pain, chronic neck pain, frozen shoulder, osteoarthritis, knee pain, coccyalgia, varix of lower limb, etc.

3. Emotional problems management

Stress, anxiety, chronic fatigue syndrome, etc.

4. Immune and skin problems

Acne, Herpes zoster, hay fever, sinusitis, etc

5. Women's problems

Morning Sickness, fertility support, etc.